Saturday, January 8, 2011

15 Misconceptions about Multicultural Education

There are a number of misconceptions regarding multicultural education in schools across the country.  Check out his list/article about 15 misconceptions we as teachers may have.  Even if you work in a highly diverse school, it's amazing how many misconceptions you may discover you actually have.

Aldridge, Aman, & Calhoun.  (2000, Spring).  15 misconceptions about multicultural education.  Focus on Elementary, 12(3).  Retrieved from


  1. I really like number 6. I am frustrated when parents and other teachers look down on my lack of extra black history activities in February. We study black history throughout our social studies units in fourth and fifth grade. This information is more meaningful when taught in context rather than quick snippets about various important people anyway.

  2. I agree! Everything is better in context!