Saturday, October 23, 2010

Know your facts!

Do your students struggle with their multiplication facts?  Learning these facts seems to be a sore spot for many students.  I have located a number of great sites you can access to help your students master their facts.  You will find games, timed quizzes, and printable resources to either remediate or enrich your students.

Great site for timed quizzes, instructional videos, online games, and even lessons.

Demonstrates clever tricks for helping students remember their facts using number patterns.

Fun baseball, themed games help students remember addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  You can even mix things up by incorporating all four!

Printable copies of multiplication facts.

Great site for online multiplication games.  Students will love this site!

Very comprehensive site loaded with links to online multiplication games.  Something for everyone!


  1. ah, facts. aren't they fun? by the time kids get to me, i need them to already know them. of course, they all don't and usually have some sort of block to memorizing them. instead of focusing on that, i teach my kids to count multiples. if they can count by sixes or sevens or whatever number is needed, they can get to the answer of that basic multiplication fact quickly and easily. it's not a cool website or a cute game, but it's been effective.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Teaching multiples is a great strategy!